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From A Well-Timed Murder 

The young woman pulled an envelope from her purse, her hand shaking, and handed it to Agnes. “I found this under my doormat this morning.”

The envelope was scuffed with dirt. Agnes withdrew a pristine sheet of paper, careful to touch only one edge. Two sentences were written in a distinctive man’s script.

Be careful. We are being watched.

Travel with Agnes Lüthi to Baselworld, the world’s premier watch and jewelry show, as she investigates the death of a well known watchmaker amidst the glamour of the city and the traditions of the country. 

“An intriguing sequel…  dynamic setting and fascinating glimpse into the Swiss watchmaking world.”  — Publishers Weekly

“The insider’s look at the rarified world of high-end chronometers adds to the appeal of this engaging crime novel.” — Booklist

“An enjoyable and suspenseful thriller…perfectly paced, A Well-Timed Murder is bound to appeal to both traditional mystery lovers and those who enjoy an intriguing novel.” — Shelf Aware

Start your journey to Switzerland with SWISS VENDETTA


Tense, atmospheric, and richly detailed.”  — ASHLEY WEAVER,   AUTHOR OF MURDER AT THE BRIGHTWELL

cover final hi-res.jpg“Fans of both contemporary and historical mystery will devour this debut from Tracee de Hahn as her modern-day sleuth wades through secrets and deceptions in a centuries-old chateau.” —ALYSSA MAXWELL, AUTHOR OF THE GILDED NEWPORT MYSTERIES

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“A well-constructed mystery that will leave readers pleasantly anticipating a sequel.” —Kirkus

“The rarefied, restrictive world of Swiss aristocracy provides a tantalizing backdrop . . . those who like a fireside read on a winter night will be pleased.” —Publishers Weekly

“This clever take on the locked-room mystery—a locked château, if you will—introduces readers to an appealing heroine in an unusual setting in what will hopefully be a long series.” —Library Journal

Detective Agnes Lüthi, a Swiss-American police officer in Lausanne, Switzerland, has just switched over to the Violent Crimes unit from Financial Crimes in an effort to shed all reminders of her old life after her husband’s death. Now, on the eve of the worst blizzard Lausanne has seen in centuries, Agnes has been called out on her very first homicide case. On the lawn of the grand Château Vallotton, at the edge of Lac Léman, a young woman has been found stabbed to death. The woman worked for an art auction house in London, and had been taking inventory at Château Vallotton, which is dripping in priceless works of art and historical treasures.

Agnes finds it difficult to draw answers out of anyone—the tight-lipped Swiss family living in the château, the servants who have been loyal to the family for generations, the aging WWII survivor who lives in the neighboring mansion, even the American history student studying at the Vallotton castle’s library. As the storm rages on, roads become impassible, the power goes out around Lausanne, and Agnes finds herself trapped in the candlelit halls of the château with all the players of the mystery, out of her depth in her first murder case and still struggling to stay afloat after the death of her husband.